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    Galvanique is able to provide flawless accuracy and precision to your design.

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    Galvanique is one of very few authoritiesin the world which offer custom silver electroforming.

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    Galvanique facilitates all of its facilities in the United States, ensuring quality and efficiency.

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Welcome to Galvanique Inc.

Galvanique Inc. is a corner stone in the ornament and jewerly industry, both domestically and internationally. With Galvanique Inc. you recieve the absolute best that electroforming has to offer and attention to detail that few companies are able to offer.

About Galvanique

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Alexander Belykh


Thrown into the field of electroforming by fate shortly after arriving from Eastern Europe, Alex suddenly found a perfect platform to combine his eccentric outlook on things and rigid engineering methodology. Equally dedicated to his family and friends, that have been endless source of inspiration and ambition of becoming the most innovative specialist in a challenging but exciting world of electroforming that is both art and science. The quickest way for Alex to loosen his mind is to either consume every shred of music he comes into contact with or dance with his friends.

Galvanique Inc.

Galvanique is an innovative American manufacturer of objects in sterling silver and other precious metals. Our Providence, RI facility is conveniently located in proximity to a wide variety of talented artists, designers and specialty sub-contractors who contribute to our creative process. Founded in 2000 by Alexandr Belykh, Galvanique is the culmination of a career spent perfecting the art of electroforming. Alex holds a Masters degree in electro-mechanical engineering from the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute in the Ukraine. Shortly after immigrating to the US, he joined Ultralite Jewelry and was quickly promoted to General Manager. During Alex’s tenure, Ultralite became the world’s largest producer of electroformed jewelry in 8kt, 9kt, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt gold, and sterling silver. Alex designed Ultralite’s mass production facility to electroform copper onto plastic and significant capacity to deposit gold and rhodium onto copper-plated plastic jewelry. In 1997, Alex joined Jacmel Jewelry (New York) where he was hired to set up and run a high-output 14kt and 18kt gold electroforming line. Alex also set up the Jacmel facility to chemically etch millions of bimetal tubular earrings, modernized their waste water and precious metals recovery room and establish a state-of-the-art chemical lab equipped with atomic absorption spectrophotometer and fire assay lab. Belykh’s work as a product development and finishing consultant includes projects in the Dominican Republic, Bolivia and the US. Alex has adopted various practices refined with years of experience to set up a highly efficient electroforming facility. With its constant upkeep, Galvanique’s factory is a closed-loop plating facility releasing no harmful chemicals or heavy metals into the environment. Whether clients provide concept sketches or working models, Galvanique and our network of highly efficient sub-contractors are prepared to deliver prototypes, pre-production or full production quantities quickly and at the right price. Since 2000, Galvanique has collaborated with many of the most recognized brand names in the jewelry, silverware, tableware, toy, decorative arts and retail industries. We have consistently developed new techniques and methods to form and finish metal products. Common to all Galvanique projects are three core beliefs:

Products of beauty and value can be competitively manufactured in the United States.

One need not cheapen a product to make it efficiently.

Integrity in our business practices is our most important service.

Galvanique – Forming precious relationships.


Electroforming is a deceptively simple process. It's produced through the deployment of a series of variable and contingent components - matrix material, chemical bath, and substrate - impacted by time and scale. Most exciting, however, is that an electro-deposit can be applied to virtually any solid material: aluminum zinc, nickel, stainless steel, invar, Kovar, glass, plastic, wood, foam, or synthetic fiber. The process can be deployed progressively, building up fine layers of multiple metal matrices in order to achieve the desired finish, tensile strength, and complex form. Conventionally, the practice begins with a mold, or master, whose surface is made conducting with a thin coat of graphite powder or paint. A wire is attached to the conducting surface and the mold is suspended in an electrolyte solution. Electro-deposition of the material - typically alloy foil, silver, nickel, or copper - onto the mold is activated using electrical currents. When the mold is coated to the desired thickness, the object is removed from the bath and divorces, partially or totally, from the original mold. The outward straightforwardness of the process disguises the extraordinary range of metallurgical effects that can be achieved through the adjustment of the matrix mix, plating bath composition and conditions of the depositor, allowing for the production of components that cannot be realized via sheet metal fabrication techniques. The operation allows for unmatched dimensional accuracy, thin material sections, complex curvatures, shapes and refined detailing with no limit to the size of the object that can be electroformed.


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Galvanique Inc. provides a perfect outlet for your silver electroforming needs. With Galvanique, your design will come together whether it is moped parts or earings. Prices will be catered to your production size and design complexity. Finally, professional advice is available to anyone looking start their own production.
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